Work Life Balance

It’s difficult to discuss travel without also discussing work. After all, we earn money with work, but that takes time. The lack of time and/or money is what prevents most people from traveling. For some, work prevents travel in terms of scheduling and duties. For others, work offers the freedom to travel rather on the job or through financial means. Some people make travel blogging their work, while others travel blog as a hobby.

In spite of a wide variety of circumstances, Trailheaders find a way to work AND travel. That doesn’t necessarily mean we “have it all” all at once though. We are finding ways to achieve Work Life Balance, and we are sharing those ideas so others may also lead lives of fulfilling work and frequent travel.

Lodging — find your home on the road including Yurt Life and Hosting AirBnB. COMING SOON: Hotel Reviews, Tiny Houses.
Working — tips on Job Searching and living with layoffs. COMING SOON: Blogging, My Job Suggestions for the Digital Nomad, A Day in the Life, Paying for Travel
Food & Fitness — COMING SOON: Staying Healthy on the Road, Favorite Food Experiences

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