trail sign in mountains

Trailheaders seeks to elevate communities and each other through responsible, compassionate travel.

Trailheaders is FOUNDED in the VALUES of
Life-long learning
And sustainability.

Trailheaders is committed to SOCIAL ACTION for
Natural resource and public lands conservation
Responsible tourism
And community economic development.

Trailheaders creates opportunities to live as POSITIVE IMPACT TRAVELERS everyday, amplifying connections and knowledge through TOPICS such as:
Solo and/or female travel
Professions and pursuing passions
Road trips
Budget travel
Minimalism and tiny houses
And long-haul travel and modern nomadic living.

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Tara Alexander, and I founded Trailheaders in 2014 in response to long, unexpected trips I took in Europe and the United States. Like many travel bloggers, it started as a way to communicate with friends and family.

However, I soon realized that there would be something missing if I only wrote reviews about museums and airlines. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — those types of posts can be very helpful, and sometimes I may write them. But Trailheaders is about trekking your own trail, not just the where of travel but the why.

I’m not advocating breaking the rules. I’m just trying to help for when there are no rules. For a lot of us, the destination and the route aren’t so clear. But the Trailhead IS clear, because you can make your journey start right here, right now. Anywhere can be the Trailhead to put you on the path of the life you want to lead.

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