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For your free spirit

Trailheaders is for anyone who’s ever lost a job or gotten lost in a sunset.


A better world

through inspired, conscientious, curious travelers and outdoorspeople


Your own trail

Finding a path in life or just finding the best in every day


in Europe

Day Hiking

in the U.S.

Road trips

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Solo or Not

Trailheaders go for it!

It’s better to go alone than not at all. And finding travel buddies along the way can be a rush. After all, they don’t call it wanderlust for nothing.

Fund Your Fancies

There are no magic numbers.

Budget travel is about balance: where to save in order to spend where it will most enhance your experience.


and what not to do

They say if it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t change you. Solo travel can be scary at times, but here are some ways to make it safer.


Hi, I’m Tara! I hope that my tips and tales inspire others to follow your dreams even if you don’t have a travel buddy or a ton of money.

It's not work if you love it

I develop marketing and public relations content for economic and community development. I study sustainable tourism to help positively shape the impact of travelers to communities.

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