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who’s ever lost a job or gotten lost in a sunset… who bakes a tart with life’s lemons but probably burns the crust… who knows when to follow the regular route and when to trek their trail

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Solo or Not

Trailheaders go for it!

When it comes to seeing the world, it’s better to go alone than not at all. But finding travel buddies along the way adds a new dimension to the journey. After all, they don’t call it wanderlust for nothing.

Telling Dwellings

Live small to live big

Longterm continuous travel teaches us how to live compactly, so I have some ideas about living spaces. I just moved out of a backyard yurt in Denver.

Fund Your Fancies

There are no magic numbers

Budget travel is about balance: where to save in order to spend where it will most enhance your experience. Same goes for your gear — will what you’re packing help carry you forward, or will it hold you back?

Trek Your Own Trail

Finding a path in life or just finding the best in every day

Trailheaders are trying to be better versions of ourselves, and traveling can be part of that. We find ourselves after getting lost. 

Envisioning a better world through inspired, conscientious travelers

I’m Tara, a Colorado native who loves to travel, hike, create and share stories. Quite accidentally, I wound up backpacking in Europe for almost three months and road-tripping the U.S. for a year. I bring travel lessons to typical situations with Trailheaders.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah. March 2016

It's not work if you love it

Professionally, I develop marketing and public relations for economic and community development. My specialties are editorial content and social media as well as workforce education program management. I am studying sustainable tourism so that I may better understand and positively shape the impact of travelers to communities.

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